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**Charlia Orchids + Orchidex will be guest vendors at the J&L Orchids 2024 Summer Sale in Easton Connecticut, July 26-28. Drop by if you’re in the area!**

Ordering Info:
  • Online credit card payments are processed securely through Stripe. Please use the contact form if you would like to pay through Paypal or have any other questions related to your order. Happy to send photos of the plant(s) you will receive!
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Please Note:

  • Most plants are seed grown and genetically unique, so the flowers will vary from photos shown of their parent or sibling flowers. All photos belong to Charlia Orchids unless otherwise specified. 
  • Not in bloom or BS (blooming size) unless specified.
  • Please make sure you are comfortable with each orchid’s specific culture. Some require more specialized care than the typical cloned “grocery store” orchids.